Annex Quartet

Last year the Annex Quartet played for one of our outreach dates at Northern District Library and we are happy to have them play this year on our main stage as part of our Discovery Series. This professional performance series features emerging Canadian artists.

The Annex Quartet was founded in 2008. The members are based here in Toronto and the quartet is named after our Annex neighbourhood. Two of the original 4 founding members still perform as part of the quartet, Yunior Lopez (viola) and Peter Cosbey (cello).

The quartet explores a wide variety of music genres, including jazz and blues alongside traditional classical music. In early 2012, they embarked on their project called The Roaring Twenties, an exploration and revival of the music of the 1920s. The project developed into their debut album that was released in 2013. They currently have a second cd in production.

For our concert on February 4, 2016, the Annex Quartet will treat us to some Janacek (Quartet No 1, Kreutzer Sonata), R. Murray Schafer (Quartet No. 5, Rosalind) and Mendelssohn (Quartet No. 2 in A Minor, Op. 13, Ist Es Wahr? (Is It True?)).

To read more about the quartet or to listen to some of their music clips, visit their website at


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