JACK Quartet

January 14, 2016 brings the first concert of the season in our Contemporary Classics series.

Our Contemporary Classics series is comprised of 1 contemporary concert from each of our Quartet Series, Piano Series and Discovery Series. In addition to the JACK Quartet, this season’s Contemporary Classics includes the Annex Quartet (February 4, 2016 Discovery) and Duo Turgeon (April 5, 2016 Piano). You can still book a subscription package to attend all three! Visit our box office link here https://boxoffice.stlc.com/public/prepaid_subscription.asp

In association with New Music Concerts, we will present the JACK Quartet featuring violinists Christopher Otto and Ari Streisfeld, violist John Pickford Richards, and cellist Kevin McFarland. If you are wondering where their name comes from, just take a closer look at the first initials of each of the performers. They all met at Eastman where they were students and were involved in a new music ensemble called Ossia. In addition to performing as the JACK Quartet, all 4 are members of the Ensemble Signal, which also performs and records contemporary music.

The JACK Quartet work closely with living composers when they can. Their concert with us on January 14th will feature pieces by John Luther Adams (The Wind in the High Places), John Zorn (The Remedy of Fortune), and Iannis Xenakis (Tetras (1983)). They will also perform Angelorum Psalat (1415) by Rodericus arranged by JACK Quartet member Christopher Otto.

There will be a pre concert chat with New Music Concerts as well as some conversation from the stage during the show about the pieces with Music Toronto’s Composer Advisor, Jeffrey Ryan.


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