Our November 26 Concert: Dvorak and Schubert

On November 26th, the Apollon Musagète Quartett with treat us to a piece by Dvorak and a piece by Schubert.  Here are a couple of interesting things about the pieces we will hear!


by guest writer Julie Berridge


“Rest assured, I will work on my new quartet with the utmost élan, deploying all my art and knowledge only to be able to give you a composition well done and accomplished and certainly the good Lord will also inspire me with some melodies”.

Those were the words of Dvorak after being commissioned by the Hellmesberger Quartet of Vienna. The result off his efforts is the String Quartet No. 11 in C major. The opening theme in the first movement expands into a rich and intense melody. The second movement begins with a musical conversation between the two violins. The cello and viola accompany this conversation. The quartet ends with a spirited fourth movement.

To find out more about Dvorak and his life, click here.

Schubert’s String Quartet No. 15 in G major, Op. 161, D. 887 was composed in 1826 when Schubert was 29 years old. He took just 11 days to write it. The first movement unfolds with increasing intensity. Major and minor chords pull us between light and darkness, uncertainty and calm.

D.887 is often thought to be the most masterly of Schubert’s quartets.


Professional Opera Singer With Glioblastoma Multiforme Sings Schubert’s ‘Gute Nacht’ While Having A Craniotomy reported in Medical Daily, August 14, 2015.


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