Shoestring Opera

This season Music Toronto is adding something new to our outreach programming. We are offering two free family orientated concerts. And the first one is this coming Saturday!

We are presenting The Schoolyard Carmen by Shoestring Opera on Saturday, November 22nd at 2pm. Shoestring Opera introduce opera to children! They have been around since 2004 performing for children and families. Booked through Prologue to the Performing Arts, they often perform in schools around Ontario.

Taking familiar operas and using music that many people have heard before, Shoestring Opera moved the storyline into a kid friendly situation. They develop a script and song lyrics in English and French. And keep everything under a one hour time frame. Quite a challenge!

The Schoolyard Carmen is their third adaptation. It is based on Bizet’s Carmen and uses his wonderful music to explore topics such as bullying and being new to our country. Shoestring Opera keeps things simple. They have a baritone and a soprano and use a keyboard and cello. Exploring themes that are relevant in children’s lives, they make opera relatable for the young audience. They also produce a study guide that teachers and parents can download and use when talking about their shows.

You can find out more about them on their website at

Or simply join us on November 22nd at 2pm at Cosburn United Church ( and see them in person! Admission is free!


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