Daedalus Quartet

In a couple of weeks, we have the pleasure of hosting the Daedalus Quartet first on our stage to perform and then to teach a master class (http://www.music-toronto.com/outreach.htm). The four members of the Daedalus are founding member Min-Young Kim (violin), Matilda Kaul (violin), Jessica Thompson (viola), and Thomas Kraines (cello). They will perform some Mozart, Berg, and Beethoven for us.

Formed 13 years ago, this up and coming quartet enjoys the status of Quartet-in-Residence at two universities – Columbia University since 2005 and University of Pennsylvania since 2006. 2006 also saw the release of their first CD recording with Bridge Records. They have balanced a busy schedule containing performance, teaching, and recording since then. They have released five CDs with Bridge Records.

Recently they performed “Music from Exile” at the University of Iowa and for the St. Cloud Chamber Music Society. That program explores the music of composers who were in exile during WWII and the impact the exile and the war had on their music.

To read more about the Daedalus Quartet, visit their website at http://www.daedalusquartet.com.

To hear them live, join us in Toronto on Thursday, November 20th! http://www.music-toronto.com/quartets/Daedalus.htm


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