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Barbara Croall

For our concert on December 11th, Trio d’Argento will be joined onstage by Barbara Croall.

A bit about Ms. Croall from her website:
“Born in 1966, Odawa composer Barbara Croall (Manitoulin Island, Kineu Dodem) is active internationally, with works performed in several European countries, Britain, the United States, and Canada over the past several years. Apart from playing, performing and composing on traditional Native flutes and singing in traditional ceremonies, Barbara is also trained classically. She is a graduate of the Musikhochschule in Munich, Germany and also holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition from the University of Toronto, where she was the recipient of the Glenn Gould Award in Composition (1989).”

Trio d’Argento and Barbara Croall will be performing Manidoog (Spirits/spirit beings), a piece commissioned by the Ontario Arts Council. This piece combines spoken word/storytelling with music.

To read more about Ms. Croall and learn more about her works, visit:


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Shoestring Opera

This season Music Toronto is adding something new to our outreach programming. We are offering two free family orientated concerts. And the first one is this coming Saturday!

We are presenting The Schoolyard Carmen by Shoestring Opera on Saturday, November 22nd at 2pm. Shoestring Opera introduce opera to children! They have been around since 2004 performing for children and families. Booked through Prologue to the Performing Arts, they often perform in schools around Ontario.

Taking familiar operas and using music that many people have heard before, Shoestring Opera moved the storyline into a kid friendly situation. They develop a script and song lyrics in English and French. And keep everything under a one hour time frame. Quite a challenge!

The Schoolyard Carmen is their third adaptation. It is based on Bizet’s Carmen and uses his wonderful music to explore topics such as bullying and being new to our country. Shoestring Opera keeps things simple. They have a baritone and a soprano and use a keyboard and cello. Exploring themes that are relevant in children’s lives, they make opera relatable for the young audience. They also produce a study guide that teachers and parents can download and use when talking about their shows.

You can find out more about them on their website at

Or simply join us on November 22nd at 2pm at Cosburn United Church ( and see them in person! Admission is free!

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Simon Trpčeski

Simon Trpčeski has performed on our stage three times over the past 10 years. His first appearance for us was in 2004 and his most recent was in 2008.

Always a busy performer, he has had a full schedule since we last saw him. In 2009, Trpčeski was given the Order of Merit for Macedonia. He was appointed the first National Artist of the Republic of Macedonia in 2011. He continues to record award winning CDs. He performs with acclaimed orchestras and gives chamber music recitals around the world, loved by both the public and the critics. And, somewhere in between all of that, he teaches at the School of Music at the University of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia.

Skopje, Macedonia is Trpčeski’s home town. The Republic of Macedonia is in the southeast of Europe, bordered by Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania. Its capital, Skopje, is located in the northern region of Macedonia and is home to about a 1/2 million people. Though the country is landlocked, the Vardar River flows through the city as it makes it way to the Aegean Sea. Skopje has several bridges in the city that span the river. One key bridge is the Stone Bridge, linking the Old Bazaar to the main square in the centre of the city. The Old Bazaar is a merchant quarter dating from the 12th century, full of history. It is recognized as a cultural heritage site by the government.

To learn more about Macedonia or Simon Trpčeski, visit his website at

To hear him in person, join us on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 8pm!

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Daedalus Quartet

In a couple of weeks, we have the pleasure of hosting the Daedalus Quartet first on our stage to perform and then to teach a master class ( The four members of the Daedalus are founding member Min-Young Kim (violin), Matilda Kaul (violin), Jessica Thompson (viola), and Thomas Kraines (cello). They will perform some Mozart, Berg, and Beethoven for us.

Formed 13 years ago, this up and coming quartet enjoys the status of Quartet-in-Residence at two universities – Columbia University since 2005 and University of Pennsylvania since 2006. 2006 also saw the release of their first CD recording with Bridge Records. They have balanced a busy schedule containing performance, teaching, and recording since then. They have released five CDs with Bridge Records.

Recently they performed “Music from Exile” at the University of Iowa and for the St. Cloud Chamber Music Society. That program explores the music of composers who were in exile during WWII and the impact the exile and the war had on their music.

To read more about the Daedalus Quartet, visit their website at

To hear them live, join us in Toronto on Thursday, November 20th!

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