St. Petersburg Quartet

We open our 43rd season with the St. Petersburg Quartet on October 9, 2014!

The St. Petersburg Quartet features Alla Aranovskaya (first violin), Luis Angel Salazar Avila (second violin), Leonid Shukayev (cello), and Boris Vayner (viola). Aranovskaya and Shukayev are founding members, with Vayner joining in 2005 and Avila joining earlier this year. Founded in 1985 as the Leningrad String Quartet, they changed the name to the St. Petersburg String Quartet when Leningrad restored its historical name.

In 2010, the quartet became the first Quartet in Residence at Wichita State University. The School of Music offers both Bachelor degrees and Master programs in performance, composition/theory, and music history. Members of the quartet are part of the faculty and they teach a variety of courses.

In addition to teaching, performing, and recording CDs, the quartet are also a key force behind the St. Petersburg International Music Academy. The Academy runs for 2 weeks in the summer and just finished its 6th year. Accepted students have the opportunity for individual lessons, chamber group lessons, orchestra rehearsals, and public performances. Along with several other musicians, all of the members of the quartet teach and perform with the students at the Academy. You can find out more about the academy on their website,

To read more about the quartet, visit their website at

To hear them live, join us on October 9th!


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