Brahms – a final thought

Brahms lived a good and relatively long life. He lived to be 63 years old and spent pretty much his entire life working in a vocation he loved. It is said that in his old age he was a bit surly with adults but that his good-natured side was always seen when talking with children. It sounds like he was a big softy at heart. He loved nature and walking in the parks. He travelled for business and pleasure. He made strong and lasting friendships. His works sold well, he was financially savvy and was well off for the later half of his life. It sounds like a pretty good artist’s life!

With that artistic temperament also comes a down side. At one point he had decided to give up composing but that wasn’t to be (thankfully!) and he continued to compose until close to the end of his life. He did destroy a number of his early works though. Brahms was a bit of a perfectionist it seems. Things that he felt weren’t good enough he destroyed completely. Though he composed many great pieces in his later years, it makes you wonder what other gems we would have had from him had he not lived long enough to look back and decide that his early work needed to be purged.


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