In order to continue presenting quality chamber music, fundraising is a necessity. We have a few different avenues to raise money including our yearly Scaramouche dinner and silent auction.

Located at One Benvenuto Place, Scaramouche offers a lovely view of the city to compliment their amazing food and service. Chef Keith Froggett has been with Scaramouche since 1983 and is one of the best in his field. Chef Keith and Carl Korte (co-owners), along with their amazing staff, treat us to an evening of stunning food and impeccable service each year. Having been to Scaramouche for just a “regular” evening out (there is nothing regular about an evening out there!), I know that the high quality of the food and service is the norm for them and not just something they do for our fundraiser. Going to Scaramouche is truly a magical evening out.

To read more about Chef Keith, I suggest checking out this article from The Grid from 2012.

We have been blessed to have such great partners in this yearly event and are looking forward to year number 26 this June! If you would like more information on our fundraiser, please contact Music Toronto at


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