Thomas Adès

Thomas Adès was born in London, England in 1971 and has become an award winning composer, pianist and conductor in 43 short years.

He has composed and performed/conducted numerous orchestral works, operas, and chamber music pieces. As a student, he studied piano, composition, and percussion. He gave his first recital in 1993. He has been the Music Director of the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (1998 to 2000) and the Artistic Director of the Aldeburgh Festival (1999 to 2008).

He was the youngest winner of the Grawemeyer Award in 2000 and has won the Royal Philharmonic Prize for Large-Scale Composition three times. As composer and conductor, he recently took home a Grammy in the category of Opera Recording for the production of The Tempest by the Metropolitan Opera.

On April 10th, the Parker Quartet will treat us to a performance of Arcadiana, one of Adès’ string quartets. To learn more about Thomas Adès, check out his website at


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