Manuel de Falla

On April 3rd, Alexandre Da Costa will come to our stage as part of our Discovery series.  One of the pieces we will hear is Suite Populaire Espagnole by Manuel de Falla.

Born in Cádiz in November 1876, Falla was a Spanish composer. His full name is Manuel María de los Dolores Falla y Matheu.  Like many composers, he was introduced to the piano by his family, taking lessons from his mother and grandfather at a young age.  At the age of 9, he started more formal lessons.  As a young man, he moved to Madrid and continued to study piano and composition at the Real Conservatorio de Música y Declamación.

Much of Falla’s work and fame is connected to his work for the stage – opera and ballet.  From 1907 to 1914, Falla lived in Paris. It is here that he first composed pieces for piano and voice.  Falla would work with violinist Paul Kochanski to transcribe 6 of these pieces for piano and violin, becoming the piece we will hear on April 3rd.  At this point in his career, he was interested in Andalusian music and was exploring the Impressionist style of artists like Ravel and Debussy.  Later his music would show influences of Stravinsky and the neoclassical style. While he did officially retire in 1926, he was still composing his cantata, Atlántida, when he died, just 9 days before his 70th birthday.


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