Alessandro Annunziata

Alessandro Annunziata is an Italian composer, born in 1968. He has been involved with music for most of his life, having started playing and composing when he was quite young. Along with being a composer, Annunziata has also been a musicologist, journalist, teacher, and lecturer. To learn more about him, visit his website at

A great influence on his artistic development was his connection with Dimitri Nicolau, a Greek composer who became an Italian citizen. In his piece entitled String Quartet No. 1, Griko, he draws on folk material from Salento, an area in southern Italy with a Greek history. Salento was once known as Messapia and inhabited by Messapii who came from Crete. The Griko dialect is still spoken by some residents of Apulia, a small region in Salento. On January 30th, we will hear the Alcan Quartet play String Quartet No. 1, Griko. Here’s a clip to wet your appetite!


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