The Gryphon Trio and Education

The Gryphon Trio is well-known to our regular Music Toronto audiences!  We have heard them perform many times over the years and are delighted that they are celebrating their 20th year as an ensemble this season.

Talented and award winning, they are also passionate about education.  Education of music students and of music lovers.  The three members of the trio – Annalee Patipatanakoon (violin), Roman Borys (cello), and James Parker (piano) – all teach at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music.  They also give master classes and workshops when on tour.  If teaching, touring, and recording Juno award winning CDs wasn’t enough to keep them busy, they also have a couple of student composition projects.  As part of their December 5th concert, we will hear a piece composed for the Gryphon by a student composer.  This piece will come from the Young Composers Program at Toronto’s Claude Watson Arts High School.

Listen Up! is a project started by the Gryphon in 2011.  This year long endeavour allows students to experience the process of composition from a view point that is meaningful and personal to them as children.  They chose the theme; they create poems (later to be used as potential lyrics); they learn the basics of composition.  The end result is a compilation for chorus and the Gryphon Trio put together by the master composer of the project.  While the initial focus may start with a particular grade, the end result of this project involves the entire school and much of the community, with a final performance being given that has the entire audience participate.  To find out more about Listen Up!, visit


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