A bit about Piers Hellawell

On November 26th, we will have our first Contemporary Classics concert of the season. Eve Egoyan will play pieces by James Tenney, Piers Hellawell, Linda C. Smith, and Michael Finnissy.

The piece by Piers Hellawell is called Piani, Latebre. A lover of languages, in his title he has combined a variation of the Italian word piano, meaning layers, with the word latebra, meaning hiding place.

Piers Hellawell was born in 1956 in England. He is the Professor of Composition at Queen’s University of Belfast. His professional association there started at the age of 24 as the composer-in-residence. He composes both chamber and orchestral pieces and has been commissioned for a wide variety of work over the years. His pieces have been performed world wide.

Outside of composing and teaching, he plays the saxophone and does photography. To read more about Piers Hellawell, see portions of his scores, or hear clips of his music, visit his website at http://www.piershellawell.com


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