Benefits of listening to classical music

Many of us know that there are lots of benefits from listening to classical music. There are studies out there connecting classical music to increased learning capabilities, lower blood pressure, pain management, and stress reduction.

One reason is that music affects our autonomic nervous system. This is the section of the nervous system that controls those things that just happen in our body without us actively thinking about them ā€“ your heart beating, your brain working, for example. This system will respond to the music without your even focusing on it.

Many of the studies focus on the relaxation side of classical music ā€“ how it helps you to relax, reduces muscle tension, improves your sleep quality and duration. And while I do find all of this beneficial for me, I also enjoy the other side – those faster paced pieces or that intense allegro movement that can motivate you to get moving. As much as classical music can be soothing, it is equaling stimulating and is great music for sleeping or for working out and for everything in between ā€“ it all depending on what you are looking for. But whatever you are looking for, chances are classical music will have it!

What is your personal favourite benefit from listening to classical music?



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