Musings on Schubert

It is hard to imagine that such a short lived life produced so many amazing and varied works of music! Franz Schubert only lived from January of 1797 to November of 1828 – not quite 32 when he died. His music instruction started early in his life as he came from a musically inclined family. His father was a school teacher who also played the cello. His brothers played piano and strings. Schubert played viola in, and composed pieces for, the family string quartet.

Despite his obvious talent, his father wished for him to follow in his footsteps and become a school teacher. At the age of 16, started his teacher training and soon after started teaching at his father’s school. For the following few years he taught but continued to compose as well. By 1818, his music was being noticed more and more and receiving good reviews. That summer he gained a position with Count Johann Karl Esterházy, teaching music to the Count’s daughters and gave up regular school teaching for his father.

It is interesting to wonder if his number of compositions would have increased had he been able to pursue his talent completely from the beginning. Or did the stress of the day to day reality of needing to earn a living give him the drive to put his continued creativity down on paper? What do you think?


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