Chamber Music – What is it?

As we start our new blog, one of the first questions to ask is what is chamber music? What makes it different enough from other forms of music to give it its own designation? In the simplest terms, it is music composed for a small group of instruments to be played in a room. Chamber music (musique da camera) was composed for domestic purposes which differentiated it from church music (da chiesa).

Initially that ‘room’ was in a palace or in a specifically built music room of a wealthy patron. As times change, that ‘room’ has grown to include concert halls and even pubs! But the essence of the music remains the same – a balance between instruments with each one having an important part to play and none of them being more important than the others. It is a conversation with instruments, including the performers and the audience.

As we progress though this season, we’ll explore more of what makes chamber music different from other forms. We will look at some of the history of chamber music along with some of the various instrument combinations (both old and new), composers, and the instruments themselves.

Come and join us for a conversation!

Remember as is printed in our MTO brochure:

Chamber music is simply classical music composed for small groups of instruments. A conversation among equals, chamber music requires players to listen to each other – attention, respect, give and take, balance. It is thus intimate and accessible for audiences, who are active listeners.


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